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First blog post

Welcome to our website. It will continue to be a work in progress when new items are completed, the site will be updated.

This is my first blog so not really sure what is expected, but we have to thank Jane Allen (and Al too) for helping to get the site up and running. Throughout the past several months, she had gently nudged, patiently encouraged and graciously given her advice and knowledge in order to help us along the way.

We’d also like to thank her for naming us a supplier in the new book: Jane and Amy Create Christmas, published by Viking Woodcrafts. It is truly appreciated Jane.

You can visit her website, to see more of her beautiful designs and wonderful recipes. We really like her pretzel rolls, yum! Or, you can visit her at HOOT next week.

We look forward to reading the posts and hope to hear from you soon.





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